Inaugurated in 1970, Clínica Dente de Leite makes available to its patients the following dental care specialties: Orthodontics, Implantdontics, Periodontics, Dental Prostheses, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery and Prevention, in addition to a round-the-clock Emergency dental care service.


Located in Brooklin District, in the southern part of São Paulo city, Brazil, its facilities occupy an area of 1,900m² divided into 15 Dental Offices, parking space for 50 cars, Radiology Center, Prosthetic Laboratory and Dental Surgeons always updated on the world's latest dentistry Know-how and skills.


Modern consulting rooms and a 24 hours attendance structure, turn this well known clinic as a reference in Dental Works. The Odontopediatric sector of Clínica Dente de Leite offers agreeable ambients and consulting rooms specially prepared to attend the children-younger public, treating and orienting the clients with the most advanced prevention technicals.


To foster a pleasant environment to patients, our facilities are well tended and cared for with the same attention and care we dedicate to our work, such is our concern with the well-being of all people who seek our services and/or call on us.


In addition to keeping up to date professionals so that they can realize their clinical procedures for high level, the Clínica Dente de Leite has periapicals RX in every room, and a RX center with panoramic machine, microscope and dental lab.


The radiology and tomography center, through its state of the art equipment provides the realization of dental and accurate diagnoses documentation. Prosthesis Laboratory in the prosthetic work is done quickly and technical control.

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