The radiology and tomography center, through its state of the art equipment provides the realization of dental documentation and accurate diagnoses.


Dental documentation

Complete Orthodontics: Panoramic with report, Lateral Teleradiography with two cephalometric traces, two pairs of Orthodontic models (Work and Study), six photos (three extra oral and three intra oral), folder and prints.

Simplified Orthodontics: Panoramic, Lateral Teleradiography, one pair of orthodontic model of study, six photos (three extra oral and three intra oral), folder and prints.

Apnea: Panoramic, two Lateral Teleradiography, one photo, Work Orthodontic Models.

Specials: for Pediatrics, for Implant, for Periodontics, Orthopedic


3D Computed Tomography


Segments by region (one to four faces) with measures of height and thickness

Complete Maxilar with or without measures of height and thickness

Complete Jaw with or without measures of height and thickness

Endodontics: Tooth root Fracture, Research of Tooth root Perforation, other specific researches

Periodontics: Evaluation of bone loss, Tooth root enrollment, Evaluation of Endoperiodontics enrollment, other specific researches

Surgery: Third Molars, Included Tooth and/or Over numbering

Pathology: Research of fracture and other specific researches



Morphology (Open – Closed)

Other specific researches


Tomography in CD - Galaxis / Galileos Implant Viewer

Film impression.


Digital Extra oral Radiography

Digital Panoramic: with or without report, in occlusion, for implant (25% of magnification), Bite-Wing

Digital Teleradiography: Frontal, Lateral, Hand and Wrist

Periapicals Radiography

Panoramic modified for ATM: Occlusion and Maximum Opening

Panoramic for  Face Sile: Frontal Sile, Maxilar Sile, Frontal and Maxilar Sile

Intra Oral Radiography: All Mouth and Signed Teeth


Digital Documentation in CD


Photos and Slides: Front and side, Smile, Extra Oral, Intra Oral, Lateral


Complementary Requests: Orthodontic Models  of Work and Study.


Working Hours:

Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

Saturdays: from 8:00 am. to 12 noon.


Scheduled appointments and private parking.


Tel.: +55 11 5542-1746 / 5531-4645


Important Information to Patients:


a) Have in hands the Examination Request when calling us.

b) We accept Debt and Credit Cards and checks.

c) The examination values informed by phone will be confirmed in the reception, according to the attendance request.

d) For Panoramic Radiography it is not necessary to schedule time.

e) All the Digital Radiographies and Tomographies will be promptly delivered to the patient's email address.

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